Yonsei University in Wonju

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The drive to Wonju took about 2 hours. The country-side was rolling hills, farms and a truck stop – looked familiar!

The Yonsei campus in Wonju is beautiful! It’s heavily wooded and hilly (similar to Ohio U in Athens, but more compact) and has an amphitheater at the edge of a lake. We were greeted by some university officials and escorted to lunch in their faculty club. Our lunch was in a private room and had fabulous dishes. Kimchi – yes; souju – no. We then toured a part of their medical facility where local companies can collaborate to create prototypes of potential products (joint replacement parts, prosthesis, etc). I felt right at home the machine shop section – they have wonderful equipment including CAM machines. The work done here is similar to the Austin BioInnovation Center at UA.

The next event was to meet with 3 Yonsei students who will be attending UA in the fall. It gave us a chance to talk with them and find out what their major concerns were. The group was joined by a Yonsei student who had just completed her semester at UA and had returned just the night before – she’s a great ambassador for UA – what a great experience she had in Akron! More touring around campus, including a dorm room – they seem to look the same no matter where you go!

Our final meeting was with the Vice President, Kee Soo Han, the top administrator at Yonsei. UA is a part of the Global Village program offered at Yonsei. This program provides for coursework, learning Korean and being an English speaking mentor to Korean students on campus. We weren’t able to meet with the Global Village participants as they were off on a retreat.

We had an early dinner with the Dean of International Programs and some of her staff. The conversation was interesting and covered religion and politics as well as possible future collaborations for the 2 universities. After dinner we headed back to Incheon outside Seoul to spend the night at the airport hotel.

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