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Good morning! Last night I foolishly forgot to share parts of our day!

First, the Wet Markets! Hong Kong doesn’t have a big city smell – maybe the Harbor breezes help keep it clean. However, when you are close to a Wet Market, you can smell it! It’s the fish stalls. There are bins of live fish, eels, toads, turtles and a few things I’m not sure about their origin! People are buying fish, fish being chopped up and the overwhelming desire to ask, ‘what are you going to do with that?’ Since neither of us would understand each other, I didn’t bother, but you do wonder…The wet markets are filled with color, aroma and gore!

Second, we had the chance to ride the Star Ferry! We rode from Kowloon back to Hong Kong Island. For 2 dollars we rode the Morning Star where we sat on the upper deck. The ferry service started in 1888.  Lynne shared with us that since land is so scarce, they have been reclaiming parts of the harbor to build upon. Even in the 5 years they have been here there have been some dramatic changes!

Third, on our way home last night we drove past the Happy Valley Races. Horse racing is held one night a week. Andy amazed us with the factoid that in one night of racing more money is spent than all of the American racetracks combined! Gambling is a huge past-time here! Racing started on this course in 1846.

Fourth, we walked through Hong Kong Park. It’s a lovely rain-forest park with pretty water fountains tucked in between the mountains and skyscrapers! We didn’t see any t’ai chi action or the aviary, but it is a charming oasis.

Fifth, the Central Escalator is amazing. It is the longest, covered people-mover anywhere! Part of it is an escalator, other sections are a moving conveyor belt. As you ride along, shops, pubs, and people are on both sides. What an excellent way to watch the world go by.

Then there are the crowds. There are lots and lots of people! Lynne showed us the one area that is the most densely populated in the world! Most of our walking around didn’t seem different than New York City or Chicago, but still, lots of folks!

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