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Okay – some feedback was that the Terra Cotta warrior post was too much like a history lesson! Sorry – it’s difficult to capture the size and immensity of the site and intricate detail of the artifacts! Anyway, onward!

Well, it’s hard to imagine, but we left the Terra Cotta Warriors and went to see the hot springs of the Empress. There are natural hot springs closer to the mountains where many emperors had bath houses built – some were built because they didn’t want to use the same bath their father had used! It’s a beautiful setting and there was a small fountain area where you could wash your hands in the water – hot, but refreshing! Some people were filling their water bottles – more than I could go for!

Driving in China is an interesting experience. In the US, we have a 4 lane road, with 2 lanes going  in each direction. In China, that doesn’t always apply. Let’s say that traffic is backed up in the direction you are heading and you don’t want to wait in line. Well, over here they just pull into the lane of on-coming traffic and just drive toward you. It’s like playing chicken in the city! If you want to turn left and traffic is coming toward you, just cut over early and drive on the wrong side until you get to your street.

Another thing about Xi’an is how fast it’s developing. One construction site had 18 cranes operating. Because the construction is so rapid, the infrastructure can’t keep up. Electrical wires are sometimes held up with bamboo tripods and other times, tree branches! I’ve a few pictures to upload of the spaghetti bowl of wires! Scooter, who works for the Texas power company, will keel over at the sight of them!

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