Sunny skies ahead

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We are at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. It’s 44 degrees, rainy & feels like mid-November! Hong Kong is 12 hours ahead of Akron – so it’s Monday night already! shows temperatures in the 80s – and it’s very humid there. It will feel like Beaumont, TX again! Hopefully when we return in 3 weeks it will be warmer in Akron!

We have a 4 hour flight to San Francisco & then a short layover before the lonnnng flight! Sleep is high on my agenda for the plane.

Reading the guidebooks helps to prepare you for some of what we will see. It triggers ideas of places to visit. The Peninsula Hotel for ‘high tea’ in the afternoon; the ‘wet market’ where the seafood is auctioned off – imagine the smell; Victoria Harbour at night; and riding the funicular to Victoria Peak. It will be interesting to see how reality and imagination align themselves – or not!

Time to board – the adventure begins! Yes!

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