Our bags are packed!

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Passports – check!

House-sitter – check!

Dog-sitter – check!

Tickets – check!

Today our journey starts! Packing – what do you take to a place you’ve not been before? You research the place, customs, culture and importantly, climate! It’s going to be hot – in the 80s most places and humid. So we have our clothes (and comfortable shoes) figured out – now it’s time for our technology – computers, phones, cameras! Must have the correct adapter plugs too!

We are SO excited to be off on this trip to the Pacific Rim! Mike’s been to Taiwan once – 25 years ago and I’ve been to Japan once – 23 years ago! It’s like going to a totally new and different place. Our first stop will be a few days vacation in Hong Kong! Mike’s cousin has lived there for 5 years and the theory is, since we’re in the neighborhood, we should stop and visit! The guidebooks and have been read and made suggestions; cousin Lynne will be our tour guide – can’t wait to explore the sights and sounds of Hong Kong.

Come along for the ride!

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